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About Us

Human Enhancement Clinic Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated from Victoria.

We work with a medical scientist, an endocrinologist and pharmacist who are experts when it comes to peptides and they are committed to educating the public and health professionals about the amazing benefits of peptides. 

All our products are compounded in an Australian pharmacy and shipped Australia wide. All peptides undergo 5-day sterility testing before they are shipped which does delay delivery, but you can rest assured you are getting you are getting the highest quality and purest product on the market.

Our research team are always keeping up to date with latest in peptide research and clinical studies. Based on this data we will continually adjust our protocols and develop new product lines that assist people reaching their health and fitness goals.

We understand that peptides are not a “silver bullet” a healthy diet and exercise are most important, but adding peptides to your daily routine will ENHANCE and optimise your body’s natural abilities helping you break barriers you never thought possible and achieve your goals faster. 

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Human Enhancement Clinic Pty Ltd

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