Blood Test Requirement for Peptides

Once we reviwing your medical form our doctor may require blood test are required before you start to use some of our products. Blood test can be done via referral from your own doctor, or you can do a private blood test via iMedical which will refer you to your closest Pathology lab. The required blood test from iMedical is Sports BB3.

If you have had recent blood test already done, please send it through and we will advise if any further blood test are required.


Why blood test?

The most important thing to us is your health and safety. Your blood test results will provide us with data to see how you are progressing and allow us to adjust your program if required.

Blood Test Required if you use your own doctor:

Free and total Testosterone E2 (Oestradiol)
Liver function (LFT) Kidney function (UEC)
Glucose High Sensitivity CRP
FSH/LH, Prolactin Full Blood Count
DHEAS, Cortisol IGF-1 + GH


Blood Test Requirement for Antimicobial Peptides


Full Blood Count
Liver function (LFT) Kidney function (UEC)